How It Works

A play, or a script, on We Perform It is a work of drama, usually consisting mostly of dialogue between characters and intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading. We Perform It has chosen a whole selection of plays for you to perform with your friends.

This is where the magic happens. This is the virtual meeting room where you can meet your friends and fellow performers and see your script and you can perform your play. Your director can record and re-record your takes in here, ready for the edit suite.

This is the written text of a play, performance or broadcast.

Yes there are! When you're in the studio you can control the script by using the arrow keys on your keyboard:

Next page: Right arrow key
Previous page: Left arrow key
Zoom in: Up arrow key
Zoom out: Down arrow key

If that still isn't enough control for you, then you can open up scripts in a new window which gives you more control over their appearance by clicking on the icon (or right click on it and choose "Open Link in New Window" if you want to open it in a new window instead).

Firstly, relax. Neither had we. What we have learned is that the initial nervousness soon disappears. We would suggest have a look at the script before your session, understand the character of your part and dive in... by the third session... you will be as good as Bob Actor.

That’s great news and We Perform It is optimised to allow you to do that. Firstly, hit the “Get Started” button and set up your account (manually or via facebook log in). Once you've verified you account you can choose a script to perform, invite your friends and name your group. You are automatically the Admin for that group (but you can assign to others if you want). Now you can enter the studio and perform!

Firstly, the director is a person assigned to your group that is in charge of managing each performance and the actors and most importantly, within We Perform It, the director has the control of recording the vocals of your performance. Choose wisely as the director has the power...

Good question... it should really say “audio editor” I suppose. Anyhow, in here you can, if you want, look at sound waves and most importantly, it is here you can listen to the audio recordings of your performers (individually or all together) and choose the best takes. This audio is recorded and stored as lossless 44.1KHz WAV files. Like... amazing quality. And all synchronised...

These are sounds that add colour and background to your performance. Unlike the short sharp sound effect, ambience is more for background colour. For example, you might have a scene in a restaurant, or in a car, or underneath a flight path and thus, you can choose these sounds from the We Perform It library.

Well, the technology behind We Perform It uses the recording functionality of your laptop (built in microphone) and these are very sensitive and can pick sounds from your environment. Maybe the washing machine in the other room, the fan heater or even the fridge. We suggest finding a quiet room to sit in when doing your performance. You could choose to plug an external mic into your computer or use a headset to limit background noise? Oh, and if you are finger tapper, We Perform It will pick this up too so maybe try not to do this... we learned the hard way.

Well, as we mentioned above, We Perform It technology is so good, it will pick up sounds from your environment so, we recommend from our experiences, finding a quiet room and perhaps invest in a simple headset to minimise chances of background noise?

Well, that technology is harder to implement but it is on our roadmap but we feel that We Perform It is optimised to create audio plays and broadcasts and podcasts.

Ok – can you check to see if you have your camera switched on? Before you enter the studio, there is a prompt screen where you can choose your mic and your camera. You should be able to pick best option for you here.

Similar problem to the video not working in that we need you to choose the right microphone and you are given this option before you enter the studio. There is a drop down menu. Try that first. If that does not work, well... who knows... keep trying.

Are you on mute? Honestly, sometime...

This is a good point. We suggest that your takes are short and punchy. A scene at a time maybe? The sound quality is 44.1KHz WAV quality (best audio you can get you know) so these are not insignificant file sizes. Maybe go and make a cup of tea whilst uploading...?

We would love not to charge anything but sadly, we have costs... Development of the platform took 9 months or so of work, we have to pay the writers of the scripts for their creative efforts (never mind the lawyers for the rights negotiations...), hosting costs a fair bit... These kind of things...

Also a good question. We Perform It is working constantly in the background (with those expensive lawyers) to obtain performance rights for all of the scripts that exist in the world but this takes time and money. New scripts are being added all the time so keep looking and why not send us a suggestion of what scripts you want on here and we will add them to our list.

Well, the writer of the script (or his or her distributor) needs to earn a crust too and ensuring everyone in the ecosystem is rewarded for their efforts is a key facet of We Perform It.

What... in general life? Oh, I see, on We Perform It. Well, check your settings on audio. Do you have volume turned down?