An idea is born

We Perform It story began in the times of lockdown. Two of the founders, who’d written together for a few years, decided that lockdown was the perfect time to finish writing a sitcom they’d been working on.

We wanted to perform it online and looked around for a platform that would make it easy, but found nothing suitable. So, we decided to build one.

We wanted something where we could see each, where we could see the script, where we could record (in the browser and thus avoid any complicated microphone issues), where we could assign a director, where we had a simple to use editing and mixing suite where we could bring everyone’s performance together with sound effects and music. We Perform It does it all.

We launched it with friends, who loved not only the acting, but also the social connections. We knew then we had something for fun, for amateurs, but also, because we engineered the software to the highest standards, for professionals.

If you want to use We Perform It to produce broadcast quality drama, you can so if you’ve got the talent, We Perform It can help you unleash it.

There is a performance in all of us.