You can act and record with anyone, anywhere in the any time.. everything you need is in the browser.

No need to be in the same room.

Rehearse, Record, Review: Edit, Mix: Create

You don’t need a theatre, a rehearsal room or a recording studio – you don’t need to be in the same room, or even the same country.

All you need is We Perform It. It’s a new way to rehearse, record and review your performances.

We Perform It lets everyone work from the same script, seamlessly. It’s easy to direct, edit, mix and create your finished show.

Use it to teach or learn the techniques of audio drama. Or use it to create your podcast. Or audio play, or to run your drama coaching. Now’s the time to make yourself heard!

You don’t need a sound engineer. We Perform It is so simple anyone can use it.

Try We Perform It now free for 30 days.

Five easy steps to get going with We Perform It

We’ll take you through the simple controls and buttons to press - but here’s the process in a nutshell.

First, assemble! Invite everyone you want to be a member of your Group.

Second, upload your script or your notes or pick a play from our library or purchase one from our partners.

Third, decide who’s going to be the director and assign parts. Get everyone you need into our online studio, and get started.

Fourth, run through the notes or script and let everyone rehearse their lines. Record their performances and review with them in the group or on their own.

Fifth, when everyone is ready you can perform and record the whole performance if you want; do as many live retakes as you like. You can easily select and edit the good takes and delete those you don’t want and then mix with music and sounds to create a finished product and share where ever you like

How it Works

Sign up for your free 30-day trial, assemble your cast, choose your director and script, and then, enter the studio…

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We have plays and scripts you can use, or you can bring your own - have a look at our selection…

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About Us

An idea is born - how we came to create We Perform It.

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"Hollywood Schmollywood – anyone wanting to burst into acting now needs to start with We Perform It. I wish I would have had the chance to use this platform to refine my skills…. Think of the career I coulda had."
- Bob Actor